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Public Projects with Future Bid Dates
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Bid Date Project Name Address Project Administrator Contact  
Jul 3, 2016  Santa Fe Federal Credit Union Amarillo 2015  Hillside Amarlilo Tx  ABC Blueprints  THIS IS A 2015 PROJECT - THIS BULLETIN 6 IS POSTED AT THE CONTRACTORS REQUEST FOR SUBS THIS IS NOT A REBID ============================== DEI 1550 Kemper Meadow Drive Cincinnati, OH 45240 Eric Lindholm P. - 513-699-4709 F. 1-877-855-4559 (Proposals) ======================================
Jul 7, 2016 4PM  BUS STOP IMPROVEMENTS - AMARILLO   AMARILLO TX  ABC Blueprints  PURCHASING: Trent Davis 378-3570 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Submit your questions to: Trent Davis, Purchasing Agent City of Amarillo P. O. Box 1971 Amarillo, TX 79105 If you wish to e-mail questions send them to If you wish to fax your questions, the Fax number is (806) 378-9494. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- QUESTIONS. CLARIFICATIONS and CORRESPONDENCE: All questions and requests for clarification must be submitted to the Purchasing Agent in writing and will be answered by the Purchasing Agent in writing. No questions will be accepted or answered verbally. Except as provided in this section, upon issuance of this RFP, RFQ or Bid, vendors are specifically directed not to contact other City personnel to include any Engineers or Architects and anyone other than purchasing personnel for answers to questions, clarifications, meeting, conferences, or technical discussions or anything else related to this RFP, RFQ or Bid. Failure to strictly abide by this policy may result in the immediate disqualification of the vendor from this and other bidding opportunities. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTRACTORS WISHING TO BE LISTED BELOW MAY EMAIL CONTACT INFORMATION TO: ======================================== SUBS - PLEASE SEND YOUR BID TO CONTRACTORS AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO BID DATE ===========================================
Jul 18, 2016 2PM  Wheeler Aquatic Center Phase I  7th ST. and STANLEY WHEELER TX  ABC Blueprints  Parkhill, Smith & Cooper, Inc. 1001 S. Harrison, Suite A Amarillo, Texas 79101 806.376.8600 Attn: Chad J. Dietz, ASLA ============================================== CONTRACTORS WISHING TO BE LISTED BELOW MAY EMAIL CONTACT INFORMATION TO: ======================================== SUBS - PLEASE SEND YOUR BID TO CONTRACTORS AT LEAST 24 HOURS PRIOR TO BID DATE =========================================== Michael Drennan A & S General Contractors Inc Office: 806-355-8253 Ext. 211 Fax: 806-353-0719 Mobile: 806-336-0737 Email: Website: ========================================
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ABC Blueprints
Amarillo, Texas
Hudson Blueprint, Inc.
Wichita Falls, Texas
The Reproduction Company
Lubbock, Texas
Wolf Reproduction Company, Inc.
Longview, Texas
J.D. Young Company
Tulsa, Oklahoma